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Greenwich Parent Voice

Blackmajor.org Self Care Program



Venue: GRIP (Greenwich Inclusion Project)
133 Island Business Centre
18 -36 Wellington Street
London SE18 6PF


Mental wellbeing underpins good health and impacts everyone. It is estimated that one in four people will experience a mental health problem each year, yet some people will receive no treatment at all.

For many people, mid-life can be a time of increased responsibilities, challenges and pressures, in their working lives, family lives and relationships, and the prevalence of mental illness peaks among people in their middle years.

The criteria:

Available 6 consecutive Saturday's from 10:00am-15:00pm and 1 weekday evening hour for online support

BLACKHUB will support people in mid-life. Suggested age range 30s to 50s BUT NOT LIMITED TO.
Our package focuses specifically on supporting and improving people’s mental health and wellbeing, rather than on addressing wider social issues.

Module 1 (of 10 two hour modules) clearly explains how we will reach, engage and directly support individuals in improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Our CARE PLAN will outline how you will measure and evaluate the difference to your health from when we start the course to your mental health and wellbeing when we finish the course.

Specific to OUR course.

1. Mindfulness

2. Exercise whilst ‘Restercising’

3. Music, Water Sports, Yoga and Martial Arts/Tai Chi

4. Targeted at 3 separate age groups;

1. Mid Life 30 – 50 with varying degrees of physical ability (low, medium, high mobility people)

2. Adolescent 16 - 24 with varying degrees of physical ability (low, medium, high mobility people)

3. Over 50’s with varying degrees of physical ability (low, medium, high mobility people)

5. Water & Breathing Advice and Techniques to keep hydrated whilst undertaking lifestyle activities and your own specific activity care plan activities

6. Appropriate nutrition before, during and after activity

7. Regular and Ongoing Support (6 monthly Reviews)

8. Interactive both in person as well as remotely as online

9. How we can put this into video format for social media and marketing reasons

10. How we can assist you with daily challenges. 

11. Any Other Business

Take the first step by completing this survey now: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/juiceblackhub