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Greenwich Parent Voice

Apply by 22 March: travel help

This is a message to parents from Children's Services SEND travel team at RBG:


FINAL Deadline to apply for Travel Assistance to your child’s new Secondary School in September 2019

We have extended the deadline until 22nd March 2019 if you wish to be considered. Even if your child currently receives travel assistance, you will have to reapply by 22ndMarch 2019 as we would need to reassess if your child is still eligible for travel assistance to their new school.

How should I apply?

You will need to apply using the application form that is on the RBG website or you can ask for a form from the SEND Travel assistance team.

You can email SEND.Travelassistance@royalgreenwich.gov.uk or call 0208 921 8089.

You will need to receive your application form by 5pm on Friday 22nd March. We will then let you know the outcome of your application by the end of April 2019.

You are responsible for providing all the information with your application, including any additional information you think necessary, which we will need to make a decision.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

Your child will not be considered for travel assistance for September 2019 if we do not receive an application byFriday 22nd March 2019 – as we need sufficient time to plan all the transport routes and allocate each eligible child a seat on a vehicle, where required.

The earliest we will consider any travel assistance for late applicants will be January 2020.