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Greenwich Parent Voice

GPV meeting with CCG

Joanne Delap and Vivien Davies met yesterday with directors in Greenwich CCG. This included Kelly Sylvester, Children, Young People and Maternity Commissioner, Robert Shaw, Commissioning Director and Neil Kennet-Brown, Managing Director.

We were pleased to present the summary findings and comments from our Health Survey 2017 which covered service provision in hospitals, GP surgeries and community paediatrics and therapies.

You can see the results of our Health Survey here:
Complete Health Survey Results
Parent and Carers' Comments (anonymised)

This survey information will also be circulated to all GPs in Greenwich.

We've agreed to work  together planning service and care improvements for Children and Young People in Greenwich. Some of the actions points arising from our first meeting, and based on parents feedback, are listed below:

 - Medication and Pharmacy issues
 - Looking into creating a GP register for SEND
 - Explore ways to use the opportunity of CYP appointments to consider the parent/Carer health needs
 - Improving the dialogue on secondary care
 - Looking at ASD training for GPs

This is an important step forward in making sure we get the best health service for our children. Thanks to all parents and carers who took the time to share their experiences with us. We will keep you updated as our work in this area progresses.