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GPV is pleased to share the details of an inspirational mum Mary Amoah, who dedicates her life to educating and supporting families living with autism in Ghana. Mother to a teen with ASD and experienced in the challenges and rewards of raising a child with special needs, Mary has offered to be a source of support and advice for any London-base parents who might be struggling to see the way forward, or cope with a possible diagnosis of autism.

Picture of Mary Amoah reproduced with permission of Klicksafricafoundation.org

Here's what she says:

"Klicks Africa Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that has been in existence since 2016, in support for persons with disabilities especially individuals or teens between the ages 12-18 years with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Downs Syndrome and other persons with intellectual disabilities. 

After years of challenges and perseverance, which has brought some glimmer of hope to parents living with Autism and other intellectual disabilities, the biggest question still lingers on: what happens if such parents are not around and those special needs children grow? How will they cope with life and the society at large?

It is for this reason that, Klicks Africa Foundation offers the necessary skills needed to face the challenges of raising children with Autism and other intellectual Disabilities.

Vision: Klicks expect to see young adults with Autism and other intellectual disabilities strive to reach their full potential.

Mission: Our aim is to strengthen families and influence communities, by creating inclusive environment for Adult with Autism and other Intellectual Disabilities

Values: We appreciate diversity and the unique ability in each other for development

You can get in touch with the Klicks Africa Foundation using the Whatsapp Only number +233 244988977

Or you can email: Klicksafricafoundation or find phone and address and full contact info here: http://klicksafricafoundation.org/contact-us/

Organisations like these depend on the goodwill and support of others. To donate to Klicksafricafoundation.org go to: http://klicksafricafoundation.org/donation/

If you want to find out more about Mary's inspirational daughter Renate Nana Yaa Ohenewaa Kuffour and her life as a teen and professional model, visit her website: MyJourneywithautism.org

We highly recommend browsing the videos and information at both sites. If you know a parent who needs some fellowship and encouragement, or advice for moving forward on a positive journey with autism, please send this information to them or suggest they make contact. 

Thank you Mary!


All pictures Copyright 2019 Klicksafricafoundation.org
Reproduced with permission of Klicksafricafoundation.org