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Greenwich Parent Voice

Thinking about secondary school...

We know moving to secondary school is something that every parent of a child with special needs worries about. What school to choose, who to ask for advice and where to even start; we've all been there. The more you prepare by visiting schools, once or even twice and leaving no stone unturned in your quest for information on (and off) the record, the better your chances are of being making a good choice. At GPV we always tell parents to trust their instincts and feel confident about their own feelings, no-one knows your child and what's right for them better than you. We also urge you to talk to other parents about their experiences at our free parent events.

The Local Offer for each school, viewable on their website, or the main Local Offer for Royal Brough of Greenwich should be your first port of call. In addition, the local authority have produced a booklet which gives you a lot of information about this process specifically for children with special needs, with or without a diagnosis or an EHCP.

Click on the image below for this PDF document: