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Greenwich Parent Voice

Knit hats for premi babies

Calling all knitters! GPV has a new project. One of our parents has suggested we knit hats for premature babies in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

Knit with us at our creative drop in group
We thought that this was such a lovely idea that we are going to be making it the focus of our creative drop in sessions at Charlton Park Academy this term. To find out more come along to the next session on 8 February from 10am. If you can’t knit already we can teach you. Your child doesn’t have to attend CPA either - all parents and carers welcome to join us.

Knit at Home!
You can join in with this project and create something really lovely for another family. We all know how welcome a kind gesture like this is, when things are difficult. Your little hat will keep a tiny baby warm and cosy in those first critical few days.

Use the Pattern Below.
Click on the image to find the full pattern and instructions to share or print.


Choosing Yarn
Wool must be machine washable Double knitting baby wool.

No crochet please: this can trap the small tubes attached by doctors to support the young babies.

Knit Elbow Length Gloves

We've also had a request for elbow length mitts for premis that can be worn in incubators.
Here's a pattern we have found to guide you.  Yarn guidance as for hats, and remember no crochet.

Instructions for Mitts

Using 3.25 (No 10) needles and 4 ply wool.(3ply may be used if wanted
even smaller)

Use needles to suit

These mittens when finished in 4 ply wool measure approx 11/2" x 2" (4cm
x 6cm) for the smaller ones and 13/4" x 3" ( 5cm x 8cm ) for the larger
ones. They would be slightly smaller of course in 3ply

Please use white, or pastel colours


Cast on 25 stitches
Work 3 rows in moss stitch (knit 1 purl one,start each row with knit
stitch) or knit 1 purl one rib.
Next row:-- Work 4 (10) rows in stocking stitch (knit 1 row.purl 1 row)
beginning with a knit row.
Next :--Work eyelet row . Knit 2. *( wool forward, knit 2 together)
*repeat to last stitch. Knit 1.
Next row:-Purl 11 stitches, Purl stitches, 12 & 13 together, Purl 12.
(24 stitches)
Next row:- Work 8 (10) rows in stocking stitch, beginning with a knit
Next row:-- Work 4 rows as follows to shape top.
Row 1. Knit 1, knit 3 together, knit 5, knit 3 together through back
loop, knit 3 together, Knit 5, knit 3 together through back loop, knit
Row 2. Purl.
Row 3. Knit 1, Knit 3 together, knit1, knit 3 together through back
loop, knit 3 together knit1, knit 3 together through back loop. Knit 1
Row 4. Purl

Next row:-- Cast off
Sew side and top seam
Thread ribbon through eyelets

When you have knitted your hat or mittens, contact us and we can arrange collection!
Email Jo and Viv at info@greenwichparentvoice.com