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Greenwich Parent Voice

NEST admission information

For parents whose children have significant mental health issues, the Royal Borough of Greenwich can offer places at NEST if appropriate. NEST aims to minimise disruption to students’ lives by continuing education as normally as the student’s illness allows.
This means that they engage their mainstream school in creating a plan to address the student’s needs, and work towards reintegration into their mainstream school if this is possible and appropriate.  
NEST firmly believes that mainstream school is the best place for all students, if at all possible.  If return to mainstream is not possible, then they will support through a broad and balanced curriculum and staff who have expertise in a wide range of physical and psychological health needs. 
Admission to NEST is a significant intervention allocated by a panel, and therefore the panel require a  referral form to be completed in full to enable them to make a fair and balanced decision with all relevant paperwork  included.
This includes Section A (parents), Section B (CAMHS) and Section C (Education). CAMHS should distribute these and collate completed sections before referral. It may be that a short period of time (6-12 weeks) is all that is required and they are happy to consider short term placements. The same referral process is required.
For the referral to be considered, the panel requires evidence of the support and strategies implemented and reviewed by the school. This information would be commonly found in an IEP.
Students must be receiving ongoing therapeutic input from CAMHS.
NEST consider referrals for:
Significant and severe mental health difficulties that have a serious impact on a young person's ability to access mainstream education.
Please note: a diagnosis of ASD or ADHD on its own is not an indicator that NEST is the most appropriate provision, unless they have identified mental health difficulties as documented
For more information contact your child's SENCO or CAMHS therapist or visit: http://www.newhavenschool.co.uk/NEST