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Greenwich Parent Voice

School refusal - what you can do...

Psychologists tell us that school refusal occurs when stress exceeds support, when risks are greater than resilience and when ‘pull’ factors that promote school non-attendance overcome the ‘push’ factors that encourage attendance.

Many parents really struggle when their child doesn't want to go to school anymore. This can be for a number of reasons: anxiety about leaving the house, the journey in and what happens when they get there. It places huge stress on the family and the normal routine goes out of the window.  

We've found a great resource which gives you some starters on how to approach this problem before it escalates, and who can help if that's happened already. Support is out there and there are things you can do.

Click herehttps://search3.openobjects.com/mediamanager/hackney/fsd/files/nfis-parents-guide-to-support-a-child-when-they-struggle-to-attend-school-v-1.pdf