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Greenwich Parent Voice

Proud parents

This is a page dedicated to the the many achievements of our children. 

If your child has achieved something that you'd like us to celebrate, email us and we will publish it here.

Maybe they have gone out with friends on their own for the first time, reached a therapy goal, has taken part in a new activity or been courageous with hospital treatment. There are many more proud moments that we can celebrate with you!

You can send a photo if you like, or a picture to tell the story. If you would just like us to print your child's first name only to protect their identity but still have the fun of seeing his or her achievement up here, that's fine too.

Jed Tibby wins medals at the Special Olympics

Chris Tibby, Jed's Mum, tells us about her son's achievement in skiing...

'In 2016 Jed was 16 years old and went to the Special Olympics National Alpine skiing competition in France. It was his first time skiing on snow but he amazed us all by winning 3 medals a gold, silver and bronze in the slalom, giant slalom and the super G. We never dreamed that he would even learn to ski let alone take part in a competition. He continues to surprise us.' 

Honed from training at the dry slope at the Bromley Ski Centre, Ruxley, Jed won his haul on his first ever contact with ‘the white stuff’. He is a member of the Disability Ski club at Ruxley. After attending Gordon primary, Jed, 16, who is autistic, has been going to Charlton Park Academy school. Mum Chris said: 'We’re so proud of his achievement. Until we heard about the club at Ruxley, it wasn’t something we’d ever thought about for Jed. We weren’t sure how Jed would react to snow and taking part in the competition but he came through it very well and enjoyed winning.'

‘My husband Shane and I used to ski a bit when we were younger, so it’s something we’re now looking forward to doing as a family holiday.'

Jed is active outside school hours and, as well as ski-ing on Saturdays, is a member of the Falcon Spartak gymnastics club in Sidcup, and after school takes part in drama and swimming groups.

‘It’s good for him to keep fit and get out because his main pastime is watching things on his screens,’ said Chris. 'Jed’s main interest in the final race was not to win but to come third, so that he could win a bronze to accompany the gold and silver he won in his first two events.'

An amazing and inspiring achievement. Well done Jed!


Shane's Holiday with Dolphins

by Sam and Sergio, Shane's mum and dad.

It has always been our dream to bring our children to Orlando having spent our honeymoon in Florida. However life didn’t quite turn out as we planned and although it took us 21 years to get there it truly was worth the wait. Shane our son who has a severe learning disability turned 18 this year and we thought what a great way to celebrate. Having had many years of surgery the time never seemed right. I knew Shane’s brother Daniel would absolutely love it but we were unsure just how much Shane would get out of the holiday. Would he manage the flight, would he tolerate long days in the parks, would he even get in the cold water never mind interact with the dolphins?

Sometimes you just have to go for it and not focus too much on what could go wrong. Words cannot explain how proud we were of Shane and his achievements. He loved all the Disney parks tolerating the crowds and noise and was brave enough to try some of the rides. He was also very patient while we waited for his brother on the bigger rollercoasters. He never signed “finished” one of his few signs he uses to express his needs. We have never smiled so much watching both our children truly enjoy themselves. The greatest achievement for us was how Shane interacted with the dolphins. In the past Shane has been apprehensive with animals but we watched how Shane’s confidence grew by having days out at zoos and farms with us and at his Saturday Club.

Shane was so gentle with the dolphins and enjoyed every minute laughing and smiling. The camera man who was making videos came to speak to us after our session commented on how well Shane did and mentioned that not all adults are as gentle.

Shane you never fail to continue to amaze us and make us proud, you are our inspiration. Don’t let disability stand in the way of your dreams, if you don’t try you’ll never know!

Leonie's MOVE graduation

by Vivien Davies

Leonie is a very happy, friendly and confident little girl who has a complex disability called Angelman Syndrome. She faces many challenges including a co-ordination disorder which makes it hard for her to walk and balance.

For the past few years she's been supported by the The Movement Opportunities via Education (MOVE) programme Greenwich. This scheme helps disabled children to move more in their educational settings, by embedding movement practice into their daily routines. Therapists visited Leonie at her primary school and worked with her and staff to set goals. Over time she's learnt to take her place and walk in a line with her class, sit safely in her chair, be more active and join in at play time outside, walk to and around in her classroom and cope with changes in level. She's had to work hard and be courageous practising moves which were scary at first.

She was given her own "MOVE Graduation" ceremony at school! Her MOVE co-ordinator Lin worked with the SENCO and Head of School to create a lovely presentation in assembly. Leonie wore a very cute red graduation robe and was given a certificate, T-shirt and a golden medal in front of all her cheering class-mates and friends. Lin explained how hard children like Leonie have to work to be able the things that others take for granted, and that this is something to celebrate.

You can see Leonie sitting with her Teaching Assistants in her red graduation robe while Lin tells the class all about her MOVE program in the picture below. The other children look very impressed! Really well done Leonie.